Checking in on the Bonelli course

I got the chance this past weekend to get out and pre-ride the course with designer Scott Tedro, Sam Schultz, Keegan Swenson and mechanic Paul.  The racing coming up at Bonelli park this weekend (3/15) is going to be huge as it is (i believe) the first time the US has hosted an HC event.  There are a good bit of Euros that have managed to cross the pond to join us which just makes it that much more special.  Check out Sho-airs’ press release…

The course is even a little tougher than last year, which is going to be even more brutal coupled with the pace and the heat.  There is a little more technical climbing thrown in, and a new technical section with an ‘A’ line and a ‘B’ line.  This area is sure to cause some chaos, and considering its placement in terms of the finish line may actually be a deciding factor for the winner.


Looking back down at the ‘A” line

After the technical section of the ‘A’ line there is an off-cambered log section, that looks super sketchy!  The photo below doesn’t really do it justice, and considering the first person to ride it that day (no names mentioned 😉 ) racked themselves when they came unclipped from their pedal, made it seem even more treacherous.


Dont mess up here, cameras will be watching!

This section is tricky, and comes at a very inconvenient time

Little techy DH section, trickier than it looks.

After getting in some warmup laps we decided to go at one race pace, and holy crap was it brutal.  The course is just relentless, there is no hiding out there anywhere.  The course is fast, coupled with some super steep climbing, and descents that are always keeping you on your toes I think its perfect for this coming weekend.  Lets just hope the temperatures are under 90*!

Scott the snake wrangler

Scott the snake wrangler

Big thanks again to Scott for letting me get in some runs and listening to my feedback.  I have never met anyone so stoked on mountain biking as him and think that in the coming years there is going to be a resurgence of off-road riding.  Also Keegan and Sam were killing out there, hoping for a good race for all of us!

Watch live streaming here…

Women start at 11:15 PST, and Men at 1:45