Races and Results

2014 Season



Race Description Results
Catamount Classic, Williston, VT 7/26/14-Mountain bike. Great course withs lots of A-line options and trees. 25th UCI C2
WORS Cup, Portage, WI 7/12/14-Mountain bike. Super fun course on a ski resort, was doing great until downpour on 2nd lap 26th UCI C1
WORS Cup, Portage, WI 7/11/14-Short Track. Crazy race at night, good bit of spectators and lots of mosquitos. 11th
Colorado Springs, Pulpitt Rock, CO 6/28/14-Mountain bike. Faster open course, not very technical or special. 29th UCI C1
Missoula XC, Missoula, MT 6/21/14-Mountain bike. Super fun ski resort type course. One long climb followed by a fun, fast descent. 49th UCI C1
Missoula XC, Missoula, MT 6/20/14-Short Track. Great course through the trees and lots of spectators 21st
Big Bear Shootout, Big Bear Lake, CA 5/31/14-Mountain bike. Fun course at elevation, except for lapped traffic of beginners and sports. 3rd Pro
Sea Otter Classic, Monterey, CA 4/12/14-Mountain bike. Longer course this year, climbed all the single track and descended the fire roads. 35th
Sea Otter Classic, Monterey, CA 4/11/14-Short Track. Fun little course through the venue with lots of spectators. 34th
Fontana, CA 3/22/14-Mountain bike. Hot and dry fun course with basically one climb and a descent with some flat back to the finish. 57th UCI C1
Bonelli Park, San Dimas, CA 3/15/14-Mountain bike. Pretty boring, un-technical course with some steep climbs. No hiding here if you’re not in good shape. 50th UCI HC
Mellow Johnnys, TX 3/1/14-Mountain bike. Pretty technical 5 lap Pro XCT course, not a lot of climbing but a fun course for sure 31st UCI C1
Southridge Fontana Winter Series, CA 1/11/14-Mountain bike. Short three lap technical course. Around 16 miles and 3k of climbing 1st Pro
R&C Black Mountain, CA 1/5/14-Mountain bike. Three 10 mile laps with a total of around 3.6k of steep climbing. 1st Overall
Socal CX into 2014 at Irvine Lake, CA 12/28/13-CycloCross. Short course, dry loose dirt 2nd Pro 1/2
R&C Balboa Park, CA 1/13-Mountain bike. Five short laps, totaling around 20 miles, not much climbing 1st Overall

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