I grew up back east in the beautifully green state of Maryland.  With not too much going on there I raced bikes and worked part-time as a bike mechanic at a shop during high school.  Once college hit I had no time to ride, and shortly after graduating I spent most of my time traveling and surfing.

After spending a couple years in Costa Rica my wife Ellen and I knew that Maryland wasn’t going to cut it for our active surfy lifestyle.  So we packed up the car and drove across country to California.  After landing a good job in the surfboard building industry I started to get frustrated with surfing and the inconsistencies of the swells, so around 2011 I bought a mountain bike.

After a few rides I was hooked again, and soon entered a race.  It was all pretty much downhill, or uphill rather, from there.  Soon I fell in love with riding single speeds on the rough and rutted southern california trails, and started racing a little more consistently.

Fast forward to now… I am starting my second season as a professional mountain biker, crazy!  Whats even crazier is how much I enjoy riding a road bike sometimes, even though mountain biking and cyclocross is my real passion.

Feel free to contact me with coaching/riding questions or for any other general information at elreinecke at gmail.com

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