Current Stay-tus

I am currently writing this post from a little cafe called les trois becs in Beauaprice.  The wee-fee at the condo I’m staying isn’t that good so I have to come drink really, really good coffee to do internet stuff.  I left Stowe Vt., thursday around 9:20 am and made it to Mont Sainte Anne, Canada around 2:30, I had a glorious drive with a Focus Germany employee Phillip.  He speaks pretty good english so that was rad, I taught him why we call a dump truck a dump truck.

I linked up with the Focus world cup team at a great location about 1/15 of a mile from the venue, it couldnt be better.  They even invited me to a fabulous dinner, with rice, veggies, bread and more veggies.  They sat around and talked and laughed in German and I smurked like I knew what was going on.  Which I have never felt like I dont know whats going on, more than the last couple days.  The town is mostly french speaking, Im in a athlete hostel type situation with a bunch of world class athletes running around speaking German getting massages and making me food, and Im also attending my first world cup at the largest, most technical course in North America, on a bike Ive only gotten to ride twice so far.  Usually in strange settings, my bike is what grounds or normalizes me, but this new Raven Max is new, badass and awesome for sure, but new, everything is new and different, and Im just trying to go with it.

So thats it for now, I will try to post this up when I have internet that works again, and pictures, I know everyone likes pictures…


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