Dont do thaaat

I was more than bummed to not be able to race this past weekend at the US Cup Fontana race.  On the other hand its very exciting to be able to eat again.  Last Tuesday I came down with what I originally thought was food poisoning, after a horrible 24hours the symptoms didn’t fully disappear and I was still feeling pretty crappy.

By the time Friday rolled around, the day before the race, I had only eaten about a days worth of food in 4 days time.  I didn’t have much energy and eating anything other than applesauce, bread or white rice scared me.  Except sushi, I had sushi twice, and it was awesome.  My glycogen stores had to have been completely annihilated, and after a crappy 1hr bike practice on Thursday, that I barely got through, I decided not to race.

It was pretty crappy to make the call, but I think it was the right decision, I was still a little dehydrated and had no energy, I for sure would have been in the ambulance getting an IV halfway through the race.  I thought about toeing the line just so I could get an IV going, but later decided against that.

I still went up on Saturday to watch some of the worlds best do what they do, and worked the pits for a friend in town racing from Colorado.  It was good to see and talk to some of my friends (sponsors) some too, without al the pre-race jitters.

I was able to get a halfway decent ride/workout in on Monday and think Ill be sharp enough for the next bit of racing coming up in a couple weeks.  Heres to eating!

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