Mellowing your Johnny…

Making the final preparations for my trip down to Austin, Texas for the opening round of the pro XCT this morning and we are getting some much needed rain here in San Diego.  Ive found the most appropriate song for this am is Texas Flood by SRV.  I can’t believe that I am actually getting the opportunity to do this and am super stoked.  There no way I would be able to make it without the awesome support from family and friends, and sponsors too!

I know everyones gonna be chomping at the bit for the first race of the year, myself included.  But no need to get all worked up cause it is a longish season, and I am really not looking for any result.  I just wanna go down there have some fun race my bike, eat massive amounts of BBQ and listen to some live music!

Thats it, thanks again to everyone!  Get out there and do what you love peeps…


Team Kits are available


Most of you have probably seen on other social media sites that I’m making some team kits for the upcoming season.  Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that they are available to purchase here… then click on the quote on the left.

We are doing this to help raise some money for the race season which will help cover entry fees, travel, lodging etc… my goal is to compete in the entire pro XCT tour.  I am super stoked to be representing all the sponsors that are on the jerseys, they are all brands I truly believe in and would be using even if their logos weren’t on the jersey.  Focus Bikes, Velo Hangar, Enve, Giro, Telesot Fins

Two great brands that were left off are skratch labs and harmony bars, which help keep me hydrated and fed!  Im sure everyones heard of skratch labs great hydration mixes (they can be used for adult beverages too) and harmony bars is made by local chef/pro cyclist Jess Cerra, they are super tasty!

So order as many kits as you like, the store closes early next week around 2/11 or so!  Get out there and ride your bike, or something else active!