Time to get ready to rumble!

Or race actually.  The season is fast approaching with a bunch of local races here on out until the first XCT race near Austin Texas that takes place the first weekend of March.  There there are two more big races at the end of March Bonelli, which is a UCI HC classification, and Fontana the weekend after.

Im nervous, but relaxed.  I have put in a lot of time training the last few months and feel more confidence in my fitness than I ever have, at the same time these races are very f*cking hard!  With two world cup races in North America this year my goal is to qualify to be able to race in one or both of them, but we will see, its good to dream big right?!

Down here in Southern California we are fortunate to have mountain bike racing year round.  Robert from Racers and Chasers has a pretty fun winter series with multiple events at different venues so far weve raced at Balboa Park and Black Mountain.  Then there is Southridges series at Fontana, which is great because it is normally a pretty similar course to the XCT event the end of March.  Victor, aka Slasher, puts on a fun series as well called the quick ‘n dirty.  He’s organized a race at the end of February and plans on having a mid-week summer series as well.


Photo by PBcreativephoto.com

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