Yeah, about that Blogging thing…

Man to say I slacked on the blog the past few months would be an understatement.  There has been much to share, but not so much time.

Well all is well here on the home front.  Its tough trying to balance working, starting your own business and wanting to do well racing bikes next year.  There is way to much to say so Ill just do some bullet points, thats all anyone wants to read anyway…

  • Velo Hangar is an awesome shop down in Solona beach and if you haven’t been there yet, well what the heck are you waiting for get in there!
  • Sanding surfboards for 5 hours before riding your bike for 5 hours is tiring, then making fins when you get home in your spare time….yeah you get the idea
  • Im working on getting my own kits made with all my sponsors for next season, stay tuned!
  • If you need help learning to ride a bike let me know (if I can’t help you Ill point you in the right direction!)
  • I havent raced any CX yet because Im putting in a lot of base miles for the Pro XCT next year (if it happens, thanks USCycling)
  • I have my first meeting this Sunday to be a San Dieguito river park Mountain bike patrol ranger
  • The Blue Moonies are an awesome local band
  • My wife to be Ellen is awesome and beautiful
  • Everyone at Focus Bikes is top notch, and luckily they have some of the best bikes around
  • I almost always, need more coffee…especially right now
  • I miss the Angry Single Speeder
  • If you need bamboo or Marine Ply glass-ons for your next surfboard and you are reading this, you have better buy them from me!
  • I recently won a mountain bike race on a cross bike
  • …have you gone to the Velo Hangar yet?
  • The new Time MTB pedals have been great (and no I didn’t get them for free)
  • Whats a blog post without pictures, check out my new Focus Izalco team SL
  • Stay on the lookout for Jess Cerra’s new Harmony Bars (they’re freaking tasty)
  • Follow me on twitter @eboogie101 or @teleostfins
  • I think thats enough for now
Thanks to everyone in and around my life!

One thought on “Yeah, about that Blogging thing…

  1. If you ever want to do a slower paced ride with me let me know. I have been enjoying Cuyamaca, San Juan, and The Lagunas for my Sunday rides lately. (you said to let you know if anyone wanted help learning to ride a bike so I'm letting you know). Usually Eglehoff and I go out for 30 miles or so. Usually home by 1:00.
    Oh, and I feel you when it comes to standing on your feet and sanding for five hours before heading out on your rides, been there. -Joe Hendig

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