Long time no blog!

After I was unable to make it to MTB XC nationals this year I took a little hiatus from hard training, the blog and social media in general.  Its been a fun and exciting last couple of months.  Have been meeting a lot of great people, and even added some extra side jobs.

Ive been helping my good buddy, and coach (thanks!), Trevor Glavin out with Skinfit USA.  Skinfit is made in Austria, and is some of the nice garments I have ever seen.  They are as popular in Europe as Nike and Addidas are here in the US.  A lot of success comes from their triathlon line, but they offer something for everyone, check out the Pfafflar shorts if you get the chance.  Its been fun heading out to ironman events and getting to see a completely different side of athletes and competition.

Recently I have been lucky enough to go help and learn from San Diegos Master Mechanic, Gordon Yeager down at Velo Hangar.  He and Laurel have the raddest boutique bike shop I have ever seen, and he is by far the best mechanic I have ever been able to watch.

Velo Hangar kicks ass, and I am stoked to race on their ‘team’ for the upcoming season(s).  I started hanging out there the day before my races and started getting good results.  I contribute most of that success to the good vibes of the Velo Hangar.  I recommend for anyone to take on this experiment before your next race.  Go in there the day before grab a latte from the Velo Barista, maybe get a quick race day check-up, and any last minute nutrition or race day supplies.  Then sit down, relax, enjoy your latte and meet all the nice people that are coming in with the same mindset, bitchin bikes!

Also big thanks to Dave Staiton for setting everything up for a Mt. Whitney summit.  The only thing I had to do was get my own stuff together and climb the hill, Dave took care of everything else.  I had a great time hanging out and suffering for eight hours climbing the highest peak in the US with the old farts, Dave, Len and Tony.  Hadnt had a good laugh for a while until hanging out with them, thanks again guys.

Whitney pics!

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